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Digital fax machine, good digital fax machine advantages and disadvantages analysis?

Each user has a special fax machine of his own, so we don’t have to run around to send and receive faxes. When traveling, others can also be sent to their own fax to email forwarding, but also in places such as other areas, like the digital fax machine operating companies like to use the fax machine in the company, realize the trend of modern office, fast remote fax.
Types of digital facsimile machines
Standalone version
Single machine economy Edition: this kind of fax machine, computer must turn on the machine before you can send and receive faxes, after closing can not work, commonly known as the connection board, can not work offline.
Single machine Edition: this type of fax machine, even if the computer is in shutdown, as long as the fax machine power, you can receive fax documents.
Stand-alone Deluxe Edition: this type of fax machine is a new type, generally with LCD display, support caller ID, you can receive faxes independently, without the computer boot.
Network Edition
Network Standard Edition: company intranet usage.
E-mail version: support received fax files forwarded to the set mailbox.
Network remote edition: fax machine in the company to power, even if people in the field, you can use the company’s fax machine through the computer to send and receive faxes,
Remote digital facsimile machine.
Advantages of digital facsimile machines
Users use fax, that is, take a fancy to the fax, real-time, safe and reliable advantages. Free fax software can send and receive faxes, and mostly foreign software, reliability, compatibility, strong professional knowledge, do not meet the domestic user computer operation level and use habits, and lack of good management of fax log. Modem is designed for the Internet, fax function is additional function, use less stable, easy to cause the crash, no voice prompts; when sending faxes, if the other is artificial picking up, can not hear any sound will hang up. In addition, when the computer shuts down, the fax software and the Modem cannot work, can not satisfy the commercial need.

How does a fax machine receive faxes?

Automatic reception
When you want the fax machine to automatically receive faxes without any human intervention, please use automatic receive. In this mode, the fax machine automatically receives calls from the fax machine, and rings when you receive the phone call (as you choose).
Recording telephone reception
Connect the fax / telephone line to the recording telephone so that this mode can be used without anyone present. When your recording telephone set is recorded, this mode receives the fax call and sends the call to the recording telephone according to the prescribed route.
Manual reception
When you want to answer each call personally, please use manual receive mode. When using this mode of the fax machine, every incoming call will ring, either from the fax machine or from the phone. You can also use this mode with a sub phone.
How do I set the receive mode?
When you use the fax machine for the first time, the automatic receive mode is set. You can change one of the other two modes of reception by pressing the keys under the indicator light on the recording telephone / Manual: the light shows the mode being used.
If the two lights are out, the fax machine is set to automatic reception. To adjust the automatic receive option, see the automatic receive option below.
If the manual receive light is on, the fax is set to manual reception. For more information about manual reception, see the manual reception below.
If the recording telephone light is on, the fax machine is set to a recording telephone reception. Here’s more information for faxing with a recording phone.

How do you use the fax machine?

1. First, put the contents of the fax into the fax machine. Of course, you should open the lid first
2, the general fax machine will prompt how to place the document, we use the fax machine is the text facing down (general fax machine is like this)
3, according to the prompt will fax content put good, to pass content is down Oh!
4, and then dial, there are two ways, the general fax when the number has not been written down, you can dial first
5, then press the monitor key, this is equivalent to press the handfree key telephone, fax the opportunity to have sound, or if you don’t want to sound directly to the phone can bring (you can actually put the first dial to transfer files, but to grasp the speed, don’t wait for the call is connected to the signal that content is not put, so bad slightly, general advice is to put the fax content! All in all, just make sure that you put the files in before the call is ready
6, some of the fax machine is automatic, then dial directly to the fax signal, heard a sharp “drop” is the sound signal, this signal is continuous, “drop -” at this time press fax / start button, will automatically send a fax, you do not control!
7, there is a telephone fax together, dial the number is someone answer the phone after the first, tell them that you want to send a fax, please her to give you a fax signal can be, should pay attention to 7, also need to wait to hear the fax signal to think of “drop -” sound, can press “fax / start button start
8, another way to dial is to dial the machine directly, that is, as we usually call, take the receiver up, dial, and then wait for the fax signal
9, after the call, to hear “drop -” sound, at this time press the “fax / start” button, hang the receiver, fax will automatically transmitted, do not mind!
10, the general fax speed is not very fast, patiently wait for a while
11. When the fax machine spits out the fax, the fax is sent out, so it’s OK! ~
12, and finally put our fax machine cover well, in case of dust and other things, affecting the service life.
The use of facsimile machines
If you want to send a fax to you, pick up the receiver, press fax / copy / input (usually green), and then put down the phone, and the other party will fax it to you after receiving the fax signal!
If you want to send a fax to others, you first enter the fax number, hear the beeps, according to their own fax fax / copy / input this button (also can not hang up the phone) you can send a fax.
The use of copiers
In the copy documents, you may encounter some urgent task in the process of copying, such as copying the continuous, suddenly there is an urgent need to copy the presentation, you can press the control panel in the “pause” button, then the machine will the current processing tasks immediately stop, and control the number of copies of the panel the automatic recovery is “1”, this time you can re set the number of copies, until the emergency task after the treatment, the copier immediately return to the continuous working state, at this time you again to press the “pause” button, you can continue to work. If you want to cancel the current copy job during the copier operation, you can click the stop button directly.

Main technical specifications of facsimile machines

(1) applicability: G1, G2, G3 and G4 indicate different groups. The higher the number is, the higher the group is compatible with the low group of fax machines, and now generally G3.
(2) scanning mode: mainly CCD and CIS, CCD is photoelectric coupling sensor, belong to analog type, CIS contact type image sensor, belongs to digital. So CIS scans more clearly and faster than CCD.
(3) resolution: DPI, that is, per square inch, such as 360 * 360DPI, 720 * 720DPI.
(4) ECM: it is an error correction protocol, which ensures that the documents are correct.
(5) image processing: if UHQ is an intermediate color transition mode, it can ensure better picture transmission effect.
(6) scanning speed: divided into the main and secondary two scanning speed, the number of times per unit time to scan the image or distance. The speed at which paper travels is usually recorded.
(7) effective scanning / recording width: the width of fax paper, divided into A4, B4, A3 and so on.
(8) send time: send 1 page international standard proof time required, the shorter the better, usually between 6 to 45 seconds, which belongs to the high-end facsimile machine under 9 seconds.
(9) output / input level: in the proper range, the fax machine can work correctly and guarantee the quality of transmission.
Classification by function:
Simple facsimile machine
Only the easiest to send and receive faxes
Standard facsimile machine
In addition to sending and receiving faxes, there are also telephone, copying, automatic paper cutting and other functions
Multifunctional facsimile machine
On the basis of standard type, advanced functions such as recording telephone, no paper receiving and multi point sending have been added
The general heat transfer paper fax machine
Use plain paper and print with ribbons. Consumables for ribbons
Ordinary inkjet fax machine
Use plain paper and print with ink. Supplies for ink
General fax paper
Use plain paper and print with toner. Supplies for toner cartridges and toner

Types of fax machines

There are many kinds of fax machines, and the standards of classification are different. But eventually, the fax machine has three basic functions of fax and copy. Here are a few common classification methods:
(1) according to the function of fax machine, it can be divided into simple facsimile machine, standard type facsimile machine and multi-function facsimile machine.
Simple fax machine has simple fax, copy function; standard fax machine in addition to fax and copy function, the general also has English / liquid crystal display, automatic cutting, automatic feeding, paperless reception, call forwarding, caller ID, computer interface (external) function; multifunction fax machine is a fax machine, printer, copier machine three one, in the function in addition to the standard type fax machine functions, also increased the telephone recording, call transfer function.
(2) according to the printing method of facsimile machine, it can be divided into ink jet type facsimile machine, heat transfer facsimile machine and laser facsimile machine.
Ink jet printing the fax machine with general inkjet printer, is the use of ink to print, you can use ordinary paper records and receiving data; thermal transfer fax machine using heat transfer principle similar to copying mode, is the use of ribbon printing, can use plain paper for printing. The laser facsimile machine prints the same way as the general laser printer using toner.
(3) according to the facsimile machine record way, may divide into the feeling hot paper, the facsimile machine and the ordinary paper facsimile machine.
The thermal paper facsimile machine uses thermal head to receive documents and data in a special paper by heating and printing. Ordinary paper recording methods can be divided into heat conduction mode, laser static copying method, ink jet recording method and LED recording method. Because the heat sensitive paper used is only coated with chemical material on one side, it can be divided into an internal feeling type fax machine and an external type facsimile machine. The advantage of a thermal fax machine is its low cost. The disadvantage is that the file storage time is not long. After a period of time, the text or graphics on the document will become weaker and weaker. The ordinary paper fax machine can use general plain paper and recycled paper, its disadvantage is that the cost is slightly higher, but the document can be stored for a long time. The trend now is that ordinary paper fax machines are gradually replacing thermal paper fax machines.
(4) according to the color of fax machine, it can be divided into black and white facsimile machine, two color color facsimile machine and multicolor color facsimile machine.
(5) according to the scanning mode adopted by the facsimile machine, it can be divided into charge coupled scanning (CCD), facsimile machine and contact type image scanning (CIS scanning) facsimile machine.
(6) in accordance with international standards formulated by CCITT (International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee), they can be classified into one category of facsimile machines (G1), two types of facsimile machines (G2), three types of facsimile machines (G3) and four types of facsimile machines (G4).

The present situation and development trend of fax machine

According to the International Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT), the fax machine has been classified. At present, the three types of machines (G3) are still the main types of fax communication, and the main features of the three types of machines are:
(1) it takes about 1 minutes to send a page of A4 format on the road;
(2) simple operation, transmission of a variety of text, images, photos and so on;
(3) instant recording and storage, improving the real-time of message transmission, and easy to realize the automation of communication;
(4) the reliability is strong, and the error of individual signals will not cause the whole fax error.
Although three types of facsimile machines transmit data signals, they transfer data signals through modems to analog signals and transmit them over public switched telephone networks. Although the public switched telephone network is cheaper, there are disadvantages such as large variation of transmission channel parameters, large interference, long connection time and low utilization ratio.
The development of fax is closely related to the development of communication network. With the continuous development of communication, the future will gradually by the telephone communication network integrated digital network IDN become integrated services digital network ISDN provides end-to-end digital connectivity and support a wide range of services, including telephone and non telephone services, multi-purpose interface provides a standard for the user. ISDN has the characteristics of large capacity, high transmission efficiency and low cost. It is one of the popular transmission methods.
As a result, four types of fax machines came into being. The four type facsimile machine is a new generation of fax machine technology development. It supports and is compatible with the communication function of the three types of fax machines. It can also be used in the public telephone exchange network after proper modulation. Its characteristics are:
(1) high transmission speed, powerful function and good reception quality;
(2) fully digitized, connected to the digital network, and can be added to the public switched telephone network after the addition of the MODEM.
(3) the resolution is better than the three type of facsimile machine, and the effect is good;
(4) encoding improves the reliability of three types of facsimile coding.
Color facsimile machines are divided into two color facsimile machines and multicolor fax machines. The dual color fax machine has a resolution of 12dot/mm, and it takes about 1 minutes to send 1 A4 files at the rate of 9600bps. The multi color facsimile machine transmits the color image to three primary colors at the sending end, and recovers the signal at the receiving end. With the establishment of ISDN and the broadband of user transmission circuit and the realization of color coding, it is easy to realize high-speed color facsimile communication.
Fax – computer communication is a system consisting of facsimile machines, communication adapters, PC-FAX interfaces, and corresponding software and computers. The system can realize the communication and information transmission between fax and computer, mainly including the following contents:
(1) local facsimile and remote facsimile input computer;
(2) interworking between computer input and facsimile machines;
(3) the computer outputs graphic data to the facsimile machine;
(4) using facsimile communication to realize the computer processing and transmission of remote file information;
(5) facsimile encrypted communications (encrypted by computer);
(6) facsimile printing and display of documents.
Using fax data conversion function, we can combine fax communication and data communication organically, and greatly improve the effectiveness of both. IP communication technology brings great benefits to facsimile digital communication. If you convert fax signals into packaged data and use Internet as a carrier, fax costs can be greatly reduced.

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